Retiree Instructional Videos


  Video 1:
  Segment 1: Introduction to the National Pension Plan
Length of Video: 08:51
  Segment 2: The National Pension Benefit Basics and Rehabilitation Plan
Length of Video: 47:47
  Segment 3: Where to go for Information on the National Pension
Length of Video: 10:51
  Video 2:
  Segment 1: The Basics of Retiring under the Northwest Sheetmetal Workers Pension Plan
Length of Video: 22:28
  Video 3:
  Segment 1: The Northwest Sheetmetal Workers Retiree Health Plan
Length of Video: 30:16
  Segment 2: The Northwest Sheetmetal Workers VEBA Plan
Length of Video: 10:25
  Video 4:
  Segment 1: Social Security and Medicare Basics
Length of Video: 34:20
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